Specialty Pizzas

Our Chicken Marsala was our first addition to the Specialty Pizzas, and many of our friends are sweet on it:)


People absolutely love our Grandma Pies, as can be seen by some our reviews below:

grandma-yelp grandma-yelp2

grandma pie


Grandma’s man, the Original Old Fashioned Sicilian made from four types of cheese. Please don’t ask which ones, we won’t tell you ;).

Old Fashioned Sicilian


Here’s some specialty slices right out of the oven. From top right clockwise, Hawaiian, Meat Lovers, Baked Ziti, and Vegetables.

specialty pizzas


Here’s another photo of our Chicken Marsala sharing the platter with our Buffalo Chicken pizza.

Buffalo Chicken

Some our specialty pies are camera shy. Our White Pizza, Meatballs Pizza, Margarita Pizza, and others politely refused.

Have a favorite pizza that we don’t have on our menu, let us know we can probably make it for you.

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