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Not Got Open today.. Not Going Do It!

We thought about opening today, but for the safety of our employees we thought the better of it. Wind gust of 50 mph and icy road conditions would have made it very hazardous to do deliveries as well.



Closed For the Day

We thought we’d be open today, but after looking at the conditions, we decided the responsible thing to do would be to close.

I’m stocked up on coffee at home, what else is there? Oh yeah, pizza!

We plan on opening tomorrow, Sunday, January 24th regular hours. See you then!



Expanded Delivery Zones

delivery zones

Although we have been delivering to some of the areas added, it’s now been enabled for Online Ordering through Seamless and Grubhub. We have a delivery person which will facilitate getting orders on a timely fashion.

Please bare with us as we’re growing and are experiencing some growing pains. Here is a map of our new delivery zones. The minimum prices are higher in the outer zones with a small delivery fee. We welcome your feedback.

Read All About It!

Mia Pizza

Guess who this week’s restaurant of the week is? ¬†Yep, Mia Pizza. We’re featured in the Queens Gazette published on March 18th, 2015.

Here a link to the article in the Queens Gazette.

Here are some more photos taken for the publication.


Salad & Knots Pizza slices Old Fashioned Sicilian Specialty Slices Chicken Marsala Entree

New Delivery Boxes


Here are our new pizza boxes. Don’t they look better than the plain generic, white and red lettering boxes that are usually the norm?

OK, so we’re trying to get our name out there. And this is a start. Every little bit helps.

But what really counts is what’s inside the box. We truly hope you enjoy every pie you get, but if for some reason you don’t, please let us know!


New Bench & Astoria Park Fireworks


So, someone from the city stopped by and asked about putting up a new bench since their isn’t enough space on the sidewalk for a full blown bus stop shelter thingy.

After getting the blessings from the proper authorities, err, the landlord, we said sure! Let’s do it!

Here is our new bench pretty much being used the way we envisioned, eating pizza on a nice night.

Tonight was fireworks night at Astoria Park which was preceded by some nice music. This is one of our busier nights for us as far as foot traffic goes.


Free Buffalo Wings


So you are about to, ahem, spread your wings, graduate college, move on in life, but you haven’t had lunch, no worries, we got your back!

Yep! Free Buffalo Wings to anyone who will eat them at their college graduation, and bring us the pictures to prove it.

OK, so I can’t be absolutely sure these are our wings, in fact I highly doubt these are ours, but if you’re graduating college, and are a little hungry, then yeah, we’ll hook you up.

By the way, can you tell I love commas?



Spicy Hot

Crystal here surprised me by loading up on the crushed red pepper on her slice. So next time she was in I asked her to allow me to record her.

So here she is loading up.

UPDATE: 3/2015

Crystal worked for Mia Pizza while a senior at St. John’s Prep and is now working towards here undergrad degree at the University of Miami.

Pizza in Astoria

Mia Pizza situated at the former Sandro’s Pizza brings specialty pizzas to Northwest Astoria. Our made from scratch Marsala sauce is the key ingredient in our well received Chicken Marsala Pizza.

chicken marsala

One of our fan’s favorites, this pie will get you hooked! So watched out, don’t say I didn’t warn you!



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