We get great reviews and we get some not so great reviews.

On March 1st, 2016 we got a negative review from a customer who regularly buys our Chicken Marsala slices, he loves them, I love them.

However he left us a “1 star” review because it wasn’t ready when we told him it was going to ready. Here’s his original review.


What Gino doesn’t understand is that what makes our Chicken Marsala slice is the process! It’s not slapping some already made sauce on the chicken, and then throwing it on the pizza.

It’s takes 2 people to complete the process, our chef cooks up the the secret sauce in the back and carefully adds in the chicken to where it’s just right, then it goes to one of pizza (super)man, who by the way, also takes all the orders and front counter duties during the early part of the day.

What I trying to convey is that that are a lot of moving parts involved, and it not an exact science.


Gino says my pizza (super)man told him it would be another 30-40 minutes. He disputes that, and I agree with my pizza man, why?

Here’s 2 videos of when Gino came in, and when the pizza was almost finished being prepared. At the point that the pizza man is finishing putting on the ritz, err, I mean cheese, there are about 5 minutes left for the finished product.

So in about 15 minutes, his pizza would have been ready!

So when seeing this evidence, from a regular customer, who loves our product give us a bad review, he gets pissed when I tell my guys not to serve him.

If I hated a place sooooo much to give it a “1 star” I certainly wouldn’t go back 3 DAYS LATER!. But Gino did!

And he’s pissed. Sorry but if we’re 1 star to you, then you shouldn’t eat here. We don’t deserve want your business.


On Tuesday March 1st, I was away in South America dealing with family issues when I discovered the new review, I then immediately called the pizzeria, investigated the issue, watched the video, and and started to respond, but unfortunately, that Yelp reply was erased by the shoddy wifi I was using, so I waited to reply until I returned.

No hard feelings, sorry if it hurts, it hurts me too!

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